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Prominent people from our parish.

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ks. Józef Czubek (1883-1945). Patriot, a cleric always manifested his Polish. Member of the secret organization filomackiej. He was vicar in Radowiskach in Pączewie, Dobrczu, kuratusem in Kisielice, pastor of the feast (30 July 1917), a member of the People's Council (1918-1920), elected regional parliament in Poznan (3-5 December 1918) . Since September 25, 1928, pastor in Jablonow. For his patriotic activities in the time of annexation in 1929 received the Gold Cross of Merit. He was a member of TNT (1908-1933) and other Polish organizations. Arrested after the entry of German troops and imprisoned for six weeks in Brodnica. When you release the arrested and imprisoned again in Grudziadz, then in the Stutthof concentration camp. Released in 1940 L He died in 1945 in Jablonow;

ks. Leon Gregorkiewicz (1872-1939) The great patriot, recognized by the Prussian authorities for Polish agitator (in 1903). For many years, was among others curate in Przysiersku, Old Kiszewie, Pokrzydowie, Rogóźno, and from 3 XII 1928, the pastor of the feast. He was a member of the county People's Reading Society (1918-1920), belonged to TNT (1900-1939). Arrested in October 1939, was assassinated in brackets near Chelmno in November 1939


Priestly and religious vocations.

s. Agnieszka Teresa Szewczyk (capuchin monkey) - took her final vows in 1984,

s. Ludwika Barbara Kłosowska (shepherdess) - her final vows in 1988,

s Arleta Czyżak (Felician) - in 1993,

ks. Bernard Cybulski - was ordained priest in 1955,

ks. Jan Marszelewski. 


(Source: Diecezja Toruńska - historia i teraźniejszość. t. 12 - Dekanat Łasiński; praca zbiorowa pod red. ks. St. Kardasza; Toruń 1997)