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Historic church, unfortunately, requires a lot of work while maintaining it in good condition. Currently the most urgent need is to remove the worms, which invaded our temple. Wood-eating worms called common furniture beetle and old-house borer can, in a relatively short time, cause complete destruction of the church. How much is the place attacked, you can see the first two pictures below (taken in September 2011). Another element that requires urgent intervention is to cover the roof of our temple, seen in the third photography - the repair will be carried out immediately after the removal of worms.

These are cases that require very large amounts of money - much exceeding possibilities of a small rural parish, therefore, we appeal to all people of good will to support, both - prayer and material. Any help is appriciated.

Parish account number in Co-operative Bank in Łasin:

Parafia Rzymsko-Katolicka pw. św. Barbary w Świętem
86-320 Łasin
PL24 9500 0008 0010 6669 2000 0001

title: a gift for the renovation of the church